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Who, We are:

                Ogen ship management Company, Chennai provides technical management services for all type of vessels. We started as a crew management company providing trained and qualified crew to all kinds of vessels in shipping Industry and have been a reliable provider of crew to Ships around the world. Our employees are proud to serve our clients across the world.To ensure that all ships are running safely, and economically and faster turnaround is achieved, and supports timely relief of crews & maintain very large pool of officers and crews, whereas ships are never stopped due to competency and skills of officers.

                We have started Ship Technical management operations with strong  commitment and reliability as our quality.

Ship Owners are our assets and we value and take care of their interests by providing quality technical management services. We are proud about and committed to what we do - working closely with ship owners to ensure that their business is always run profitably by having well maintained and certified ships available for business at all times through our qualified and experienced teams.

 Documentations ,Certifications & Membership

  Certifications & Membership

  • Our Quality Management System - ISO 9001:2015 is certified by IRQS
  • Recruitment and Placement Services License (RPSL) No : RPSL/CHN/042


•Our technical management team members have necessary technical expertise, they are directly involved in management of the fleet vessels.

•We try and inculcate excellent safety culture, Reporting, Maintenance practices to ensure Nil PSC deficiencies, Nil off-hires and Nil insurance claim records

•Ship Owner format Account reporting to meet our ship owners’ requirements

•Maintenance practices and Ship Inspections/Visits are planned in such a way that vessels are available for business at all times and meet all statutory requirements. Superintendents keep a close watch on vessel’s performance to meet Owner’s and Business requirements

.•Excellent cost control over agreed operating expenses and dry docking budgets.

We try and ensure that vessel operation costs are kept to Industry minimum by advance planning and cost effective services.

Our services include liaising insurance and claims, dry docking, Vessel inspection and surveys, new building supervision etc.