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We strive,

  • To be a Global Provider of Ship Manning Services.
  • To maintain effective communication, team work and transparency at all levels of crew management and clients.
  • To provide quality Ship Manning services to the Ship owners by recruiting competent seafarers.
  • To ensure highest form of professionalism.
  • To provide customer oriented, tailor made crew management service.

To provide competent seafarers with their deserving placement with quality employers



We maintain well equipped policies with all statutory laws and well trained crew all times.

  • Employment is offered to seafarers at free of cost. Each and every seafarers receive wages to which they contractually entitled.
  • Recruiting offices ensure that seafarers are not exploited with regard to offer of engagement on particular ships or particular owner/company.
  • Supports timely relief of crew members at their stipulated time.
  • The right to decent living and working condition on board and right to fair terms of employment.
  • The right to health protection and welfare measures and other forms of social protection.
  • Not to divulge any information, details about seafearers to third party to prevent or deter him from gaining employment for which they are qualified (Black listing – prohibited )
  • A workplace free of discrimination of any kind is provided.
  • Shore based employees treat all seastaff with respect at all times and that is reciprocated to promote harmony on board.
  • There is follow up of any complain from seafarers alleging non compliance with this charter.
  • There is a commitment to improving seafarers lives at sea level and ashore as an ongoing priority.


• Client based Accounts Reporting to meet with individual client’s needs

•Timely planning of estimated budges/costs and reporting of actual costs.

•Monitoring of running costs and providing analysis/reports. 


•We have a team consisting of young, energetic, experienced and skilled people to manage  the vessels.

•Keeping a close tab on vessels and constant/regular communication with Owners so that they are always  informed the status of their property and its operation.

•Strong connections with workshops and service providers in Singapore, Dubai and in India to ensure timely delivery of all services.

We provide reliable and low cost services.